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Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria

The village of Bozhentsi is an Architecture and Ethnographic Reserve, situated at a distance of 28 km west of Tryavna along the road to Dryanovo; on foot it may be reached for about 1-1.30 hours from the Sechen Kamuk Hill on the road to Gabrovo) - almost all the buildings here were built during the 18th and mainly during the 19th century in the typical of this region of Bulgaria Revival style. In Bozhentsi one is carried away into the past and finds out an unsuspected idyll and calmness among the spirituality of the old houses. There is a museum, too.
Every year in the beginning of September the village hosts a plain-air "Autumn in Bozhentsi", and from June to September - an exhibition-bazaar of works of art is held there, too. It is possible to find accommodation in some of the houses - Ivan Karadimitrov's House (19th century), Maria Savekova's House (18th-19th century), Tsana Mihova's House (19th century), Ivantsa Boncheva's House (20th century), Parlapanov's House. Tel.: 363 through telephone orders for Bozhentsi. There is a regular bus transport from Gabrovo and Dryanovo. Patterns of ancient architecture are preserved in the near small villages of Skortsi, Dobrevtsi, Kereni, Kissiytsi, Genchevtsi. There are regular buses from Tryavna.

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