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Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria
Find Properties Bulgaria
New Iskar

Iskar ("New Iskar") is a town in western Bulgaria, located in Sofia City Province and the Capital Municipality. It is often regarded as a suburb of Sofia (being one of the 24 rayons of the Capital Municipality) and lies in the northern part of the Sofia Valley, with the gorge of the Iskar's through the Balkan Mountains beginning just north of the town. Distance to Sofia is about 15 km. Access is through public transport /№ 23, 26/ and route taxi /№ 18, 42, 37/.

Novi Iskar is second largest town in the region after Sofia and was formed through the merging of the villages Aleksandar Voykov, Gnilyane and Kurilo in 1974, with Aleksandar Voykov being the result of the merging of Kumaritsa and Slavovtsi in 1955.
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